Freeware VGGTS games

NOTE: All downloads on this page are guaranteed to be free of viruses and malware. Also keep in mind that some of these may not work on older versions of Windows.

- Aion is a free-to-play MMORPG from NCsoft (official site here) that supports private servers, allowing for almost full customization of the game to create any kind of fantasy world you desire. Some servers allow for giant-sized characters, including giantesses. Such forums that run these kinds of servers are linked below. [first reported by Ninjataki]

List of Aion communities that focus around VGGTS:
Giantess Roleplay (sent by Jake)
Size Roleplay Forum (UK) (sent by Ninjataki)

Random YouTube videos of VGGTS in Aion (the way things work may be different depending on the forum):
Immensity in Aion: 3 Giantesses
Running after a Giantess on the Beach

Big & Small
- This free fan-made game is a very cool VGGTS experience! You play as one of two giantesses (plus a third secret one) and walk from left to right on a 2D screen, stomping as many people and vehicles as you can to a bloody mess. You have to see it to believe it! A quick tip because we care: At the character select screen, press the J and A keys at the same time to unlock the third giantess. There's also a guide below to help you get infinite health. [Cubed Cinder]

Download the game here!
Guide for infinite health (made by Discipline)

Screencap Set 1 (captured by Wario)
Screencap Set 2 (captured by Wario)
Screencap Set 3 (sent in by Thresholdwert)

Card Hunter Sakura 2
- Released in Japan only, this is a one-on-one fighting game featuring the cast of CardCaptor Sakura. It looks like the object of the game is the same as the anime; capture all the clow cards and use their respective powers to aid you on your adventure. Yes, you can even use the Big and Little cards as powers in battle. The Little card shrinks you to half your size and renders you temporarily invincibile. While using the Big card, one of the super moves causes you to grow to 100 feet tall and stomp all over the screen! Previously only available in Japan from DK-Soft, a Dōjin software group, the apparent disappearance of this group has finally allowed VGGTS World to share the game for free. Please note that the download does not come with any instructions on how to run the game or play it. You'll have to figure it out on your own. [multiple contributors]
Download the game here! (pre-installed; just unzip and play)
Images: None yet.

Colossa: Pica the Cavewoman
- Made by cidnick, you play as a giant cavewoman as you try to crush as many tiny people as you can along with collecting magic crystals to advance to later levels. Aside from the many cool moves you can pull off such as sitting down or using Pica's breasts to crush a whole area, the perspective is really cool, letting you see what Pica is seeing from her eyes! The first version is downloadable below, while the second version (not yet downloadable but playable at cidnick's DeviantART page) lets you change Pica's size! Must play game! Please do not ask what the passwords are for the bonus content included with the first version; the author has asked me to keep this stuff secret for now. [Cubed Cinder]

Download the game (first version) here!
Second version playable here

Images: Included in first version file above.

The Diminutive Experience
- This is another free game where you are bug-sized and have to avoid being crushed by the giantess (named The Mistress). But there is also a mode where you play as the giantess, moving her foot around and trying to stomp on as many tiny people as you can. Pretty fun! [Midyin]

Download the game here!

Images: None yet.

Dream of Mirror Online (no longer online)
- This game is discontinued by its publisher and is no longer online.

DOMO was a social massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) themed around the ancient Oriental myth of the Kunlun Mirror. Players enter an anime-inspired world to socialize and form friendships, learn crafting skills and level up, all within the quest of trying to solve the riddle of the ancient myth. When you make your character you can pick different sizes for them which makes a small height difference. Also, there are certain food items in the game that give off certain affects such as making your character grow or shrink to different sizes, as follows: [arenin111]

Mystery candy, pumkin spell: makes you very tiny sized
Mixed candy jar: makes you bigger than giant sized
Short pill: makes you slightly shorter
Big pill: makes you slightly bigger
Lilliput pill: makes you tiny sized
Giant pill: makes you giant sized

Before Mystery Candy (captured by arenin111)
After Mystery Candy (captured by arenin111)
Mystery Candy (captured by arenin111)
Lilliput Pill (captured by arenin111)
Lilliput & Giant Pills (captured by arenin111)
Lilliput close-up (captured by arenin111)

Epic war
- This is a Tolkien-inspired RTS/action game in which you try to destroy your opponent's tower before they can destroy yours. The most powerful unit you can summon is the Arc Angel, a blonde, winged giantess who's about three times bigger than most of the other units. Play directly from your web browser. [tbtabby2]
Screencap (captured by NovusWolf)

Fury Officer
- This is an over-the-top combo-driven brawler about a disgruntles office worker who beats the crap out of everyone in the company. Amongst the various enemy types are a cute girl with glasses and a pink-haired secretary boss, all of whom are much bigger than the player character. The girls with glasses first appear in Level 2-2, and the secretary is the next-to-last boss. Play directly from your web browser. [tbtabby2]

GMS: The Legend of Rymas
*This game requires the RPG Maker VX RTP. Download from the official website.*

- Rymas is a peaceful land with a varied and beautiful landscape, but what makes this land unique is the legend that comes from its distant past. Rymas’ legends tell of the six Goddesses that ruled the land in a period so ancient that the oldest man alive is still too young to remember it. The six Goddesses were so called because they had the form of giant women and held mysterious powers no one had ever seen before. They suddenly appeared from within the planet and with their kind attitude they protected the humans and lived at their side. But no peaceful time can last forever and since the goddesses were more similar to humans than gods eventually a war explode between them. This war took the inhabitants of Rymas almost near extinction, but this danger was avoided thanks to a hero that was able to befriend the Goddesses and then seal them away. The legend ends with foretelling the breaking of the seal and the return of the Goddesses on Rymas; on that day only the descendent of the hero will be able to befriend the Goddesses as his ancestor did and eventually stop them forever. However, centuries have passed and the inhabitants of Rymas always believed that the legend was just a fable, a nice story to scare the kids, but this recently changed since giant women have been spotted around the land. [XryXmas]

Download the game here! (version 1.02; last updated February 4, 2011)

Images: None yet...Huh? Who is this? She looks familiar

Little Mosquito
- This Flash game is similar to the PS2 VGGTS classic, Mister Mosquito. Like that game, you play as a mosquito and try to drain the blood from your human target while avoiding getting crushed at the same time. The first level features a giantess. Play directly from your web browser. [Ninjataki]

Project D39: GTS Hatsune Miku
- You start with Miku in a classroom. She starts at her normal size (1.58m height; 42Kg weight). When you move, you can notice there is no collisions with walls or objects. Well, the game is still being updated, and I'm not sure if the author really cares about that. If you go outside, you can see houses, buildings, and some tanks in the street. And then, you can grow, and demolish everything.

You can start destroying everything when you get a little more than 12m, and don't worry, everything destroyed grows back, so, you can destroy them again. And you can grow, and grow, and grow, until 158.000Km

Key controls:
Up Arrow         / 8 NumPad    = Walk (Run after some time walking)
Left-Right Arrows    / 4-6 NumPad    = Turn (If you press Down, she turns a little faster... It will still be slow.)
Down Arrow        / 2 NumPad    = Only the above, you can also press NumPad 1 and 3.
S    = Pause
A/D    = Camera Left/Right
W    = She sits. You can still rotate her.
Z    = I just know it's a control, but I don't know what it controls...
X    = GROW (Max = 158000KM)
C    = Shrink (Min = 1,58m)
V    = Also don't know, but I think if you press V and X or C, you grow/shrink a little faster.
Numbers = change you vision (There's one for 3D Glasses). Press 0 to Reset if you don't know what to do.
Mouse Right Button = Hold to change you camera, Up/Down/Left/Right
Mouse Scroll = Zoom, you will need to change this if Miku grows to much, and you don't correct the zoom.

Things you can do: Destroy houses, buildings, tanks, and a airplane that sometimes appear. Just walk at them to destroy.
And that's it.

System requirements:
VideoCard compatible with DirectX7
Windows 98

Medium (Needs confirmation)

Windows Vista/7 (And I believe XP, but it doesn't say...)
Low Level Onboard Video...

You also need:
Java - Everyone should already have it.
Support for East Characters - If you don't have this one, take your Windows Installation CD/DVD. Go to:
Control Panel > Region and Language > and... Search for the option.
I'm not sure anymore, as I couldn't find here, but it's probably because I installed all languages already. Well, if someone want, you can still google it.

Another option is to run via AppLocale. Choose Japanese (日本語). [MegasBahamutAlchemist]
Download the game here!
Images: Screencap from Cubed Cinder

Mini Miku
- Similar to Project D39 above, except there is a Maid model at the scene, and her size is multiplied by the number of the executable (there are four EXE files to choose from). So, at 10, she has 16m. and 10000 has 16Km. You control Miku, and, that's it, you can walk around with the immobile maid, go into her face, but nothing else.

The same as the one above, but insted of Grow and Shrink:
Z = Down
X = Up

Now, you can go up and down (Walk/Run into the air), but still no collisions.

Things you can do: Nothing. But, what would you think of running to reach the end of 8Km of legs? Just as the maid increase her size, you also get faster (Just think about how many hours would be to go from one end to another of a 16Km woman.). [MegasBahamutAlchemist]
Download the game here!
Images: Screencap from Cubed Cinder

Super Smash Flash 2
- A fan-made Super Smash Bros. game you play directly from your web browser. This one, unlike the official Nintendo versions, is completely in 2D with all the characters and stages looking like they came from a high-end Super NES game. The Super and Poison Mushrooms are both in this game, so therefore just like in SSBM and SSBB, you can easily create giantess scenarios with ladies such as Peach, Zero Suit Samus, and many more (this game is not restricted to Nintendo characters) as this game gets updated going forward. [BlazingBarrager]

Online version to play from browser here - Keep in mind that even on broadband, this game may take a while to load.
Offline version available here
12 screencaps from ZatchHunter

Super Stomp Sisters
- A Mario-themed game made by tinybrazilian. Instead of capturing the princesses, this time it's Wendy O. Koopa who's up to no good. She's hypnotized Pauline, Rosalina, Daisy, and Peach to be her evil servants. In addition, she's fed each of them Mega Mushrooms to make them giant-sized. You play as a Goomba, Toad, Luigi, and Mario, who have to run around from left to right on the screen and avoid being stomped by the giantesses until time runs out. It's game over if all four characters get crushed flat. [tinybrazilian]
Download the game from tinybrazilian's deviantART page (also leave comments or report bugs there)
Images: (all captured by Cubed Cinder)

The Big Foot Will Crush You
- This is a short and simple game made by tinybrazilian and some friends of his. You are a tiny person trying to avoid being crushed by the huge foot of the giantess. Survive until time runs out and you win! [tinybrazilian]
Download the game here!
Images: None yet.

Time Retrieval Force
- I found this charming little giantess game by 'oog' of deviantart on newgrounds where you play as a little pixilated cadet of the Time Retrieval Force. The object of the game is to proceed through stages where giant girls try stomp you like a bug, a la the big foot will crush you, diminutive experience etc. Your character is invincible thanks to a new super suit provided by the military, but the other panicking soldiers on the field are not as fortunate. Your mission is to bring a certain number of them back to your bunker in the ground before the giant stomps them all dead. Play directly from your web browser. [jekblom]
Images: None yet.

Very Unofficial Monsters vs. Aliens Game
- Disappointed in the way you played as Ginormica in the official Monsters vs. Aliens game? This is the fan-game for you. This short three-level game has you playing as Ginormica in a side-scrolling platformer. You have to destroy enemies in your path, avoid hazards, and rescue the innocent civilians. Development on this game is active and there may be future versions down the road. [Disthron]
Download the game here!
Images: (both from Disthron)

Yume Nikki
- In this surreal freeware game designed by Kikiyama, you play as Madotsuki and make her travel through her dream world, all the while collecting 25 different effects. One of these effects is called "Midget", and as the name suggests, it makes Madotsuki turn little. There are a few other prominent female characters in the game (mainly Poniko, Monoe, and Monoko) that you can do size comparisons with, but that's pretty much it. [Twilight Prince]
Images: (all from Twilight Prince)
Midget Madotsuki and Poniko

Wizard Star 2
- A quirky side-scrolling shooting game done like Parodius, only this time with a witches theme. The first level, and only the first level, features a GTS as the boss. Luckily, the first level is accessible in the demo of the game.
Download the game here!
Images: None yet.

FAQ: Where is Shrink School / Shrink High?
- First off, what is Shrink School or Shrink High? They're two different names given to an extremely popular fangame released in Japan. It's an RPG where you play as a young man (along with some other party members, including a cat) who will sometimes get shrunken and has to avoid getting crushed by the many young girls who populate the school. The game, started by pogojo as a demo but finished by a group of Japanese programmers, has been highly praised for its rich storyline and detailed artwork during breaks in gameplay.

Sounds good, right? Well, it is, so it's no surprise that I, Cubed Cinder, have gotten many requests to upload or at least talk about the game here. Well, people, it's time for the requests to stop once and for all. Two reasons (in no particular order):

1. VGGTS World has never posted anything originating from Japan unless it was e-mailed directly to me or shared through other means by the Japanese contributor (unless the contributor has long been gone, such as Nog). Sadly, some Japanese artists are more sensitive to their work ending up at other websites, especially overseas ones. The moment they see their work being shared without their permission, they leave and take everything they've ever done with them. It is for this reason that I cannot even put a download link to this game on the website. And even if that weren't a problem...

2. Most important reason of all. When researching on the game as well as looking at the CG scenes that came with the download, there are many scenes of naked GTS, with graphic scenes that qualify the game for some kind of adults-only rating (such as AO). That alone is enough to ban this game from this website. Nudity and clear sexual content is never allowed on this site and never will be.

So there you go. For those reasons above, VGGTS World will not cover anything Shrink School/Shrink High-related outside of fan pictures and/or stories, not unless all of those reasons were addressed somehow. I apologize to all who really like this game (I think it looks and plays fantastic too), but the circumstances above prevent this website from sharing the game. So please don't ask anymore... all e-mails, especially those about download links, relating to this game will be ignored and deleted.