Mushroom Vacation

(Cubed Cinder; idea by gamdann)

The lonely freeway was as busy as ever, with cars lined up on all lanes that went north and south. Although the north lane was moving at a fairly good pace, drivers still had to be careful navigating the tight freeways. Such was the case with the Tom family, a family of four on their way to see their grandparents up north. The parents, Tim and May, were trying to convince their two kids, 10-year-old Tom and 7-year-old Amy, that they would have just as fun a time at their grandparents house rather than at the amusement park.
"Come on, Dad, why can't we go to the amusement park? They have rides there that grandma's house doesn't!" Tom said.
"Listen, son, we've been through this over and over again. Your mother and I simply cannot afford to travel that long ways to the amusement park. So I suggest you drop it before I get real angry with you!" Tim said, banging his hands on the steering wheel.
"Tim, dear, relax. When he gets older he'll understand." May said.
"Yeah, big brother, you should relax! Besides, maybe Granny will let us play Ring Around the Rosie again!" Amy shouted.
"Oh sure... that is sooooo last century. Amusement rides are so much better, and it's too bad we can't spend the time to go there instead of some old and stupid grandparents' house." Tom said. This definitely infuriated Tim as he turned his head and looked right at Tom.
"Now you listen here, young man! You will not speak like that in this car! Do you understand me!?!?" Tim shouted. He was focused so angrily on his son that he wasn't watching the road in front of him. But May was, and she watched as a semi-truck suddenly slammed on the brakes right in front of them!
"Timmy! Watch out!!!" May shouted. Tim looked ahead to see they were coming up strong and fast on the semi-truck.
"SHOOT!!!!!" Tim shouted as he made a sharp right turn into the grass. As he tried to regain control, he noticed the car was heading straight for an open tunnel.
"Huh? What's an open tunnel doing right off the road?" May said.
"Who cares! Hold on, everyone!" Tim shouted as he carefully drove the family car into this dark tunnel. Tim turned the lights on and could only see a patch of dirt road, with seemingly no end in sight.

"Where are we going, Daddy?" Amy asked.
"I don't know, sweetheart. Honey, check the map. Where are we?" Tim said. May did just that.
"Don't ask me... this tunnel isn't even showing on the map." May said. A couple minutes later, everyone started to see light at the end of the tunnel.
"Finally... some light!" May said.
"Hopefully it'll lead us back on the road. Maybe even get us ahead of that traffic jam." Tim said. So with that, the family drove down the tunnel and made it through the white light. It was so blinding that everyone had to shield their eyes. This time, Tim made sure to slam on the brakes so that he wouldn't run into anything while he wasn't looking. A few seconds later and the white light faded. Tim and May were the first to look and see where they had landed, and it was certainly not what they expected.

"Where are we?" May asked.
"We sure aren't in Kansas anymore..." Tim said. The two of them looked around to see they were inside a tennis court. But not just any tennis court... this court was huge. The balls lying around the court, the nets, the racquets, the chairs. Everything was bigger than they could imagine.
"Huh? What is this? Is this the amusement park?" Tom said. Tim was about to say something, but May intervened.
"Yes, Tommy boy, this would appear to be that new amusement park you were telling us about." May said.
"Oh boy! You were surprising me, weren't you? Did you hear that, Amy? We're at the new amusement park!" Tom said.
"Wow... cool! I love you, Mom and Dad! Yippee!!!" Amy said as the two were jumping up and down in their seats
"It doesn't look like there is anyone around. I think maybe we should..." Tim said. He was about to say 'turn around' when he looked in his rear-view mirror and noticed the tunnel they came out of... was not there anymore.
"Oh wow! Come on, Amy, let's go!" Tom shouted.
"Yeah!" Amy shouted as the two unbuckled themselves and jumped out of the car. Tim and May quickly got out and each grabbed a kid.
"Wait... son. Remember what we always tell you..." Tim said.
"Yeah yeah... we need to stick together. How many times have you told us that?" Tom said. Each member of the family looked around the scenery to get a better look of it. Tim and May got close together to talk about the place they were in.
"You think maybe we should ask someone for directions?" May asked.
"I don't know, May. Someone real big must live here just by looking at those huge tennis balls." Tim said. Indeed, the tennis balls looked as big as an inflatable balloon would at full power, which certainly was huge. They could easily be crushed by any one of these balls if it were to roll around.
"Oh come on, dear. Giants are fantasy creatures. They couldn't possibly exist here in the real world." May said. At that point, the group heard a creeking sound come from where the double set of doors were that led inside the insanely huge castle that accompanied this giant tennis court.
"Quick! Hide!" Tim said, grabbing his two kids and running behind one of the tennis balls. The parents looked from behind the ball to see the unthinkable.

Toad and Toadette walked out from Peach's Castle and looked to see the many tennis balls laying about. They picked up the balls one-by-one and threw them into a bag they were holding. To the eyes of the Tom family, they were huge. May wasn't too thrilled with one of Tim's crazy psychotic theories coming true, especially that of giants still being out there. Of course, the four won't realize until later in this story that they were really shrunken in the Mushroom Kingdom, let alone Princess Peach's backyard.
"Dang it, Tim! I hate it when you're right!" May shouted.
"Hey, even I didn't think it was real! This is what I get for being paranoid..." Tim said.
"Whoa... who are those people, Dad?" Tom said.
"They're so huge! Maybe they're part of the attraction?" Amy said.
"Uh... yeah, kids. This is part of the attraction. Just watch and see what these... um, giants, do with the tennis balls!" May shouted. Tim just gave an uncomfortable look on May's face since she wouldn't tell the truth that they certainly were not on their own world right now. Just then, the group watched as Toadette began to approach the tennis ball they had been hiding behind!
"Oh my god... we have to run!" May shouted.
"No wait... if we run, they might see us!" Tim said. The four family members simply chose not to move as they watched the oversized Toadette approach the ball they were hiding behind.

"Ugh... so many tennis balls. You would think the princesses could've at least cleaned up a little for us before they went off for that baseball game against Yoshi." Toadette said.
"Well, you know your majesty. They're always on the go, especially when Daisy's around. She's really been getting your majesty to work out lately." Toad said.
"Hey, I've got an idea! Remember that vacuum cleaner that Luigi got from Professor E. Gadd?" Toadette said.
"Yeah? What about it?" Toad asked as he walked over to join his girlfriend.
"Why don't we ask him if we could borrow it? It could save us a lot of time over picking up each and every one of these balls!" Toadette said.
"Hey, that's a great idea! I'm pretty sure he's somewhere in this castle. Come on, let's go find him!" Toad said before the two mushroom retainers left the tennis court and walked for the doors that would lead back inside the castle. The Tom family came out from behind the tennis ball that Toadette was seconds away from picking up and looked at the two walking inside.
"Well now, I'd say we caught a break." Tim said.
"Come on, Dad, what do you say we go see what's inside that castle?" Tom said.
"No, Tom, it could be dangerous as big as those... people, if they are people, were." Tim said.
"Awwww... how bad can it be? Come on, Amy, let's go check ourselves!" Tom said. Quickly taking Amy's hand, the two children ran as fast as they could for the doors.
"Timmy... please, think about your blood pressure!" May said.
"My blood pressure!? How can I remain calm when our kids are heading for uncharted territory!?" Tim said as he started running as fast as he could for the kids.
"Hey, wait for me!" May shouted as she too started running.

The kids eventually made it to the doors and actually crawled underneath the opening because they were so small. They stopped and admired the beautiful hallways and pictures that were lined up on the walls. There were many different kinds of pictures, such as one with the following caption, 'Peach saving a small town outside of the Grand Canyon on a tiny planet called Earth.'
Finally, the parents caught up with their kids. Tim grabbed Tom by the arm and bluntly pointed a finger at his own son.
"Tom! Don't you EVER run away from us like that again. Understand me!?" Tim shouted.
"Dad, I was just..." Tom was about to say something before got slapped in the face big time.
"I SAID DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?!?!??" Tim shouted. He was real lucky that everyone was so small, nobody could hear that. May, obviously, was not happy with what just happened.
"Tim, that's enough! Stand back now!" May shouted. Tim did as he was told, although not after giving a cold stare to her face. May got down on her knees and gently rubbed her son's face.
"Now, Tom, listen to me. If you don't want to anger your father like that, you'll listen to us and not run off on your own. We care so much about you and your sister." May said.
"Okay... I'm sorry." Tom said.
"Hey, look at all those stairs that go up!" Amy said, pointing to the staircase that led upstairs.
"Well, those people did say something about a princess. Maybe she can help us! Come on." May said.
"But those princesses are probably at least a hundred times bigger than us! How are we supposed..." Tim was then cut off by May's words.
"After all... what could happen in this beautiful amusement park? Right, kids?" May said. The kids cheered as they and May ran for the stairs. Tim just shook his head as he too started to follow.
"I give up." Tim said to himself.

The Tom family finally made it to the base of the staircase, but their hopes of climbing it were quickly dashed when even the first step was too high for them to reach.
"Great... how do you suppose we'll get up there now?" Tim asked.
"We could boost each other up the stairs." May said.
"Dammit, May, that's gonna take forever!" Tim shouted.
"Well, do you have any other ideas!?" May shouted back. Tom and Amy just sighed as they could sense another one of their big arguments coming. Luckily, Tom intervened when he quickly thought of something, especially after seeing Toadette enter the hallway.
"Maybe we could ride that pretty girl over there." Tom said, pointing to Toadette. The young female mushroom retainer suddenly stopped to pick up something.
"What!? That's suicide!" Tim shouted.
"Looks like fun! How about we go for a ride, kids?" May shouted, as she obviously tried to change the subject. Tim tried to think of something to state his objections, but it was doing no good.

Toadette had dropped one of her coins and was bending herself down to pick it up. Her pink mushroomed ponytails were hanging down low enough for them to just barely touch the ground.
"Gee... why do I keep dropping this lucky coin that Prince Mallow gave me?" Toadette said to herself. As she reached down to pick it up, the entire family grabbed onto one of Toadette's locks of hair and, as May said, they were prepared to go on the ride of their lives.

After a long trip upstairs, Toadette reached Princess Peach's glamorous bedroom. Toadette was looking around the room for the princess, but she was nowhere to be seen.
"I guess they're not home yet. Oh well..." Toadette said. She then made a quick U-turn for the door. It was so fast and sudden that the family lost their grip from Toadette's hair and they were suddenly flying through the air! But in what seemed like an unbelievable stroke of luck, the group landed on the edge of the bedsheets that had been hanging down from the bed. They all got up brushing themselves off from their wild ride.
"Weeeee!!! That was fun! Can we go again?" Amy asked.
"No, sweetums..." Tim said, looking like he was just about to lose his lunch. May was looking around in Peach's room.
"So... this must be the royal lady's bedroom. Oh how I wish my bedroom was like this..." May said.
"Right... like we can afford something like this. We shouldn't be doing this, you know... this so-called princess is probably just as big as this entire room!" Tim said.
"Oh Timmy... you're imagining things!" May said.
"Jeez laweez, May! Would you listen to me for a change!? We need to focus on getting out of here and pronto!" Tim shouted.
"Hey, someone's coming!" Tom shouted as he pointed towards the door. Indeed, the group could hear voices eminating from outside. Tim looked frantically around the room for a place for he and his family to hide. Finally he settled on the nearby dresser.
"The dresser! Run for it!" Tim shouted as he and everyone else took cover behind one of the dresser legs.

Meanwhile, just outside the room, Princesses Peach and Daisy, both wearing their short shorts and athletic shirts (the same outfits they wore in Mario Superstar Baseball), were making their way up the stairs and talking about the baseball game they had just participated in.
"Whew... what a game that was!" Daisy said. Peach was taking deep breaths with every step she took.
"Gosh, you're not kidding. I'm out of breath." Peach said.
"Awwwww, come on... Peach. Show some athletic spirit for once!" Daisy shouted. Peach just smiled.
"I wish I could, Daisy, but you're just more of an athlete than I am. How do you do it?" Peach asked.
"I guess it comes from once upon a time ruling a vast kingdom such as Sarasaland." Daisy said. Peach then saw Toadette walking by her.
"Oh, welcome back, Princess Peach. And Princess Daisy, of course." Toadette said, bowing before the princesses.
"Thank you, Toadette. Could you and Toad get us some ice? You know we're tired from that game." Peach said.
"Me? Ice? Ha!!! That's for weaklings! Just get it for Peach. I'll be fine on my own." Daisy said.
"Anything you say, Daisy. Oh, and I'm sorry, Peach. I accidentally left the door open to your room." Toadette said. Peach looked up to indeed see the door open, but she didn't mind.
"Oh don't worry about it. It's not like Bowser's gonna walk in and trash the room up. We just beat his tail up good today!" Peach said as the two girls laughed together, with Daisy wanting to high-five Peach for their combined efforts.
"Oh... well, okay then! One bag of ice for Peach coming right up!" Toadette said as she ran off. Peach and Daisy watched Toadette run off down the stairs before they walked into Peach's bedroom.

As the Tom family listened in on the conversation from behind the dresser, they suddenly looked to see the two princesses walk into the room. Peach walked over to her bed and promptly sat down on the edge. Tim was marveling over seeing these giant beauties standing in front of him.
"Hubba hubba hubba..." Tim said to himself. May hadn't seen her husband's reaction yet. Instead she was wondering just what kind of princesses these ladies were.
"This is odd... what princess on Earth doesn't wear a pretty dress!?" May said.
"Mom... who are those ladies? Are they part of the ride?" Tom asked.
"They're so pretty... and so big!" Amy shouted. Meanwhile, Peach was taking her athletic shoes and socks off, leaving her in her bare feet as she rested them on her bed. Daisy decided to follow suit like the good friends they were as she took off her shoes and socks as well. They both threw them near the dresser where they rolled towards the family. May was holding her nose trying to block off the intense smell of sweat eminating from the shoes.
"Bleh!!! That's some stench!" May said to herself.

"Hey, how about I give you a massage?" Daisy asked.
"That'd be wonderful, Daisy." Peach said. With that in mind, Peach laid face down on her bed and allowed Daisy to begin her massaging. She started with the legs, since they got worked the most in their baseball game. Then she moved up to her back. Peach was letting out soft moans of comfort from getting her muscles relaxed once more thanks to Daisy. Watching all this was the Tom family... Tim was simply getting excited over what he was seeing.
"Whoa... this is something else." Tim said. May saw the trance her husband was in, and she promptly slapped him in the back of the head.
"Timmy! You promised me you wouldn't do any more of this eavesdropping!" May said.
"Oh right... sorry. Say, where are the kids?" Tim said.
"Well, they were right..." May looked behind her to check on the kids, but Tom and Amy were not there. The two parents frantically looked around wondering where their children had wondered off to. They finally looked ahead and past the shoes.

The kids were running right for Daisy's feet, no doubt to play on top of them.

May just screamed her lungs out...

Tom and Amy were navigating their way around Daisy's toes before they finally climbed on top of Daisy's foot, bouncing up and down on it like it were a mattress or something of that nature. Daisy of course could not feel the tiny children just yet considering she was busy giving Peach a much-needed massage. A couple minutes later, Daisy stopped with the massaging, feeling that Peach was much better now. That was indeed the case as Peach slowly sat back up with her own feet nearly touching Daisy's.
"Ahhhhhh... that felt so good. Thank you, Daisy. I had no idea you were so good at massaging." Peach said.
"Hey, you'd be surprised what I'd be capable of as a princess." Daisy said. Peach looked around her room and began to get a feel for how quiet it was.
"You know, it is a little quiet in here. I wouldn't mind if there were a little music around here." Peach said.
"You're right, we could use some music. Hold on, I'll go turn on WTMK." Daisy said. She started to walk away from Peach's bed as the children were hanging on tight as they came along for the ride, so to speak, on Daisy's foot.
"WTMK? I love that station!" Peach shouted.
"Yeah, you know what they say. All Mario, all the time." Daisy said, smiling as she stopped walking when she reached the radio next to the right side of Peach's bed. She turned it on and right away the music that was currently playing over the WTMK airwaves started to play. Daisy bobbed her head slightly to the beat of the music before it stopped and the voice of one of the DJs, Dayton, came on.
"This is WTMK coming to you today from Music Land! Now let's spice things up with some Piroli." Dayton said. Soon afterwards, Piroli, which we know as one of the songs of Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix, started to play. Daisy showed a very excited look on her face.
"Aw, man... I just LOVE this song! Come on, Peach, you gotta dance with me on this one!" Daisy said as she ran back over to Peach's side. She ran so fast that the children slipped off the foot and were back on ground level. At least they were on the other side of the bed where they weren't in any danger from the two giant princesses.
"Really, Daisy, I'm just fine. You can dance by..." Peach said. Her train of thought was cut off by Daisy suddenly grabbing her hand and pulling her off the bed.
"Nonsense, Peach! Come on and dance!" Daisy shouted as she started to dance in rhythm with the tune. It took Peach a little while to get her feet moving because it was so sudden that she'd be standing up and dancing with her friend, but she eventually caught on and the two princesses were putting on some fine dancing moves in tune with the music. Peach was just thankful she hadn't put on her dress yet (as she was still in her Mario Superstar Baseball outfit just like Daisy) or she wouldn't have been so good this soon.

In the meantime, underneath the dresser still were Tim and May. They were so shocked from what they had seen earlier concerning their kids putting themselves at risk, they hadn't realized the kids were no longer on top of Daisy's bare foot. May was pushing Tim to get out there and save them.
"Dammit Tim!!! Get out there and get my kids back!" May said.
"Are you crazy!? We're talking about getting trampled to death by those hot and beautiful princesses!" Tim shouted.
"I beg your pardon?" May said, folding her arms over the fact that Tim was still fantasizing with those princesses.
"Uh... what I meant was those dancing princesses! Yeah, that's it." Tim said.
"Whatever, just make sure they don't crush my children. Now move!!!" May shouted as she pushed Tim out from under the dresser. He looked in front of him to see the giant dancing princesses of the Mushroom Kingdom towering over him like... well, giant princesses of the Mushroom Kingdom.
Tim was walking ever so slowly, because as much as the princesses were dancing to Piroli, the place that he was standing in could very well be the next spot that either Peach or Daisy put a foot down onto. For the next minute or so, Tim never really tried to get close to the princesses for fear of getting crushed by them, which was driving May insane as she thought that every second that Tim stalled meant that much added risk to the safety of the children.
Finally, the song Piroli was drawing to a close and Daisy decided to throw in a dramatic finish to her dance with Peach. Daisy took Peach's hand with a strong grip and she then just threw it in a twisting motion, causing Peach to spin around several times. Just as Peach stopped spinning, the music stopped and Dayton came on again to plug the next song.

In the meantime, Peach was taken by surprise by Daisy's big twist. In fact, she felt too dizzy to even stand up as she started to fall for the ground... seemingly right for Tim! May just out a huge gasp and simply shut her eyes, bracing for the worst kind of scenario imaginable. Tim did the same thing thinking he was going to die, but when he opened his eyes...

He was still alive. In fact, his vision was nothing but the pink color of Peach's shorts along with her legs moving outward. It seems Peach landed on her behind just a couple of yards behind Tim's body. Tim breathed a deep sigh of relief as he watched Daisy approach Peach and offer a hand to pick her up. At that moment, Tim looked at Daisy's feet and was surprised to see the children weren't there. His heart sank a beat or two as he feared the worst, but he didn't do anything yet except for run away from Peach's body and stand next to Daisy's feet for some reason.
"Oops... sorry about that. Are you okay?" Daisy said.
"Yeah, of course. Nothing my butt can't handle if there was anything I learned from that Smash Brothers tournament a long while back. That was some move you put on me!" Peach said.
"Yeah! I call that the Piroli Twist! I've been practicing that on Toadsworth, though I hope you don't mind." Daisy shouted.
"No, don't worry about it. He could use some exercise because he's been standing around the castle lately like an old Toad." Peach said as the two princesses giggled. As Peach was helped back on her feet by Daisy, she looked down at Daisy's feet and noticed something, in her eyes at least, that was very peculiar.
"Hey, Daisy... what's that next to your feet?" Peach said.
"Huh? What do you mean?" Daisy said as she looked down at her feet. At first she couldn't see anything, so Peach kneeled down and looked more closely at Daisy's feet. That's when she caught a glimpse of tiny Tim.
"It looks like a bug... one that I've never seen before." Peach said. Daisy then decided to reach down and pick up this 'bug' to look at herself. Daisy inspected Tim from every angle, not afraid to touch him thanks to her tomboyish nature.
"Wait a sec... this isn't a bug, Peach! It's a little human, like us!" Daisy said. Peach had a surprised look on her face.
"A human? That can't be... he's way too small, even if he had taken a poison mushroom!" Peach said. Tim wasn't struggling as much as he should be. He felt he was in a dream world just by looking over the giant princesses from head to toe.

May figured there was no sense in hiding anymore now that Tim had been discovered, so she went running out towards the princesses and was constantly calling out Tim's name. She finally had to shout out his rarely used nickname just to get his attention.
"HEY! PEEPER!!!" May shouted. Tim, still being held in Daisy's hand, shook his head to end his fantasizing of the princesses that had discovered him. He looked down at May, as did Peach.
"Oh, hi May! I'm okay! Don't worry about me!" Tim shouted.
"Hey, there's another one down there!" Peach said, pointing out May to Daisy.
"Never mind you!!! What about our children for crying out loud!?!?!" May shouted.
"Oh shoot! Uh... ladies, you didn't happen to spot my children on the floor, did you?" Tim asked. Daisy and Peach just looked at each other.
"Well... no. I haven't seen any other tiny humans like you around here. Peach?" Daisy said.
"Not me either, but I can look around and see if they're around here." Peach said.
"Okay. You can check the other side of the bed. I'll look underneath it." Daisy said as she put Tim on the bedsheets and got down on her knees to look underneath Peach's bed. Peach, meanwhile, walked over to the other side of her bed, nearly stepping on May along the way.
"Hey, lady! Watch where you're stepping already!" May shouted. Right afterwards, she was picked up by Daisy and placed on the bed as well to rejoin her husband.

The search only took half a minute for Peach as, after crawling around to get a better view of her floor, she turned her head and saw little Tom and Amy running around and chasing each other like they were playing tag. The two stopped when they saw the giant Peach looking down on them.
"Oh, these two must be the children we're looking for." Peach said. Instead of picking them up, she decided to take the safe route by lowering her hand and allowing the kids to climb onboard Peach's hand. Peach stood back up to full height and approached Daisy who was still searching under the bed.
"Daisy! I found them!" Peach shouted. Daisy got out from underneath the bed and looked at the two kids.
"I'll say you did. I had trouble looking underneath that bed of yours. You've got so many old pink glass shoes underneath there!" Daisy shouted.
"Hey, what can I say? I never throw away my old accessories." Peach said. Daisy was looking closer at the children, who could only awe in excitement over looking at Daisy's huge face.
"Cute little ones, aren't they?" Daisy said with a smile.
"Oh yeah... I could just hug them like they were my children." Peach said.
"HEY! Do you mind!?" Tim shouted from the bed. Peach and Daisy looked to see the two parents waiting impatiently to reunite themselves with their children.
"Oh, right... sorry. We better bring the family together while we still can." Peach said. Daisy just nodded as Peach placed the kids on the bed. Tim and May ran over and hugged Tom and Amy in absolute delight.

But very quickly afterwards, the reunion turned sour as May chewed out the kids for running off like they did. This was quite the reversal over Tim's temper tantrums of earlier.
"Tom! Amy! Don't you EVER run away from us like that again!" May shouted.
"Awww... come on, Mom, the ride looked fun and..." Tom said.
"Now you listen to me, young man! You're not going to embarrass us like that again! Do you understand!?!?!" May shouted, with the volume of her voice loud enough even for Peach and Daisy to hear that.
"Hmmm... some reunion." Daisy said. Peach wanted to bring some cool air into this fiery battle.
"Please, ma'am, don't be so hard on your children. They were acting on their own accord and..." Peach said, but she was cut off by May.
"You stay out of this, woman! You could've easily trampled our children!" May shouted. Daisy pounded her fist on the bed, right next to May.
"Ahem... this is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom you are talking to! I suggest you show her some respect!" Daisy said.
"The Mushroom Kingdom? Where in this country is that?" Tim asked.
"Country? I guess you're not from around here?" Peach said.
"No, ma'am. We were driving along the road when I swerved the car to avoid an accident. Then we ended up driving through this large tunnel. Next thing I know, we're here in this... mushroom land of sorts." Tim said.
"Was this tunnel green colored by any chance?" Peach asked. Tim looked up to his head, trying to remember what he and his family have gone through over the last hour or so.
"Come to think of it, yes. It was green all over... like a pipe or something like that." Tim said. Peach immediately looked at Daisy once she heard this.

"There must be warp pipes appearing all over the Real World again." Peach said.
"It sounds like it, but who could be causing it? Didn't you seal all the warp pipes to this Real World almost a decade ago after Bowser and his kids tried to conquer it?" Daisy said.
"I thought so too." Peach said. She then looked back at the tiny family that was still standing around on her bed.
"Listen, that was an unfortunate accident and I am genuinely sorry it happened to you. But we can try to find a way to get you back to the Real World." Peach said.
"Oh, thanks. If you ask me, I've had enough of this dreadful world." May said. Tim quickly covered his wife's mouth.
"Uh... what she means is take all the time you want! We can wait! And we can have some fun too, right kids?" Tim said. Tom and Amy cheered happily upon hearing this.
"Can we play with those really big ladies?" Amy asked.
"Sure, sure, Amy. We can play with the beautiful giant ladies!" Tim said, resulting in the kids cheering once more. May was the only one not cheering.
"Hmph! And to think he was the one that wanted to leave right when we got here!" May said as she pouted.
"Daisy, could you go tell Mario and Luigi to begin searching for any warp pipes that might help us get this family back to the Real World? I guess I'll keep the family entertained while we're waiting." Peach asked.
"Well... okay. But can I please play with the little family too?" Daisy said.
"Um..." Peach said, thinking it over, but suddenly Daisy grabbed Peach by her shirt.
"Pretty please, Peach!? I'll be good! I promise!" Daisy said. Peach couldn't help but giggle.
"Okay, you can play with the family too. But first deliver my message to the Mario Brothers." Peach said.
"Cool. I'll be right back!" Daisy said as she ran out of the room. Peach then sat down on her bed again, right next to the tiny family.

"So what are your names?" Peach asked.
"Well, ma'am, I'm Tim Tom, and this is my lovely wife of 9 years, May Tom. Our kids are Tom and Amy." Tim said.
"My name is Princess Peach Toadstool, princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, but you can just call me Peach. That other lady was Daisy, my best friend and princess of Sarasaland. Don't let her bother you, she can be a bit tomboyish." Peach said with a smile.
"Oh, don't worry. I think I'm gonna like being around you." Tim said.
"TIM!!!" May shouted in anger.
"Oh... um... what I meant was... it's nice to meet you, Mrs. Peach." Tim said. Peach petted Tom and Amy as they were walking towards her body, no doubt so she could play with them.

What nobody in the room had realized, however, was the fact that they were being watched. Kamek watched all the action unfold from outside the only window in Peach's bedroom before he flew off, no doubt back towards Dark Land...

Back in Dark Land, about the only thing you could hear coming out of Bowser's Castle was the excessively loud voice belonging to none other than Wendy Koopa.
"WHERE ARE MY BIRTHDAY PRESENTS!?!?!?!!???" Wendy yelled out. She was stomping around Bowser's throne room, throwing some of her things around in absolute frustration, while Bowser just sighed away on his throne, trying with no success at all to ignore his child's words.
"I keep telling you, sweetums, I'm still waiting for it to show up!" Bowser said.
"That's not good enough!!! You said they would be in the mail today! WELL, IT'S NOT HERE YET!!!!!!" Wendy shouted. Kamek then suddenly flew into Bowser's room, just dodging Wendy's television that she had just thrown clear across the hallway.

"My king! I have most important news!" Kamek said.
"It better be good... I'm getting a headache from Wendy's temper tantrum." Bowser said.
"Well... her birthday presents, the four of them you told me about, they're here!" Kamek said.
"Huh? What do you mean here? I still haven't seen any trace of them no matter how much of the castle I have searched!" Bowser shouted.
"I meant they're here in the Mushroom Kingdom... but they're at Peach's Castle." Bowser said.
"What!? How did they end up there?!?!? You said they would be transported to my castle once they went through that magic warp pipe!" Bowser shouted.
"Well... that's what I thought. But I guess I messed up the destination part of the spell." Kamek said. He was then picked up off his flying broom by Bowser as he shook him up like mad, a sure sign he was angry with the magikoopa.
"You moronic magician! It's no wonder you're hardly any help these days!" Bowser shouted as he threw him literally out of the room. Wendy obviously heard all that and she looked at her father right in the eyes.
"So you're saying that goody-two-shoes princess has MY little pets!?" Wendy shouted.
"Relax, Wendy, my dearest... I'll go off to Peach's Castle and get your presents back for you!" Bowser said.
"NO!!! You've messed up enough delivering MY little pets to the wrong place. I'll go pick them up myself!!!" Wendy said.
"Now you listen to me, Wendy, it's..." Before Bowser could start, however, Wendy once again went into tearworks.
"I WANNA GO GET MY LITTLE PEOPLE FROM THE PRINCESS!!!! I WANNA!!! I WANNA!!!!! I WANNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Wendy said. Bowser finally had to relent and let Wendy go as he fell back on his throne trying to get his eardrums back.
"Alright, alright... go! But take the Doom Ship! The Sledge Brothers can help you pilot it." Bowser said.
"Thank you, Daddy-kuns! You won't regret this! I'll even let you see my new pets once I capture them!" Wendy shouted as she ran out of Bowser's throne room. Bowser just sighed.
"Why do I even put up with her..." he said to himself as he tilted his throne backwards in order to take a nap.

Back at Peach's Castle, Princess Peach was sitting on her bed. She happily watched as the children slid down her outfit and landed on the bed between her legs. Then she would pick them up and place them on her shoulder, allowing them to go sliding down once more. Tim and May were a nervous wreck as they stood close to Peach's left leg. May would of course at times have to snap Tim out of his trance from staring at Peach for so long.

Daisy finally came back into the room after running outside to check with the Mario Brothers.
"Well, I passed the message along. They say they'll look into it. I even went ahead and ordered pizza while I was at it." Daisy said.
"Oh, that's good. I hope it's from Mona Pizza. I really like that place!" Peach said. Daisy watched as the tiny kids were sliding down Peach's pink shirt. She couldn't help but giggle.
"You're just having a ball with the children, aren't you?" Daisy said.
"No, not me... it's the kids that are enjoying themselves!" Peach said as she picked them up again.
"Yeah... but admit it. Isn't it just... y'know, cool to see such tiny people sliding down your body like that?" Daisy said. May could hear that and became infuriated with those comments. She climbed up Peach's leg and ended up standing on top of her kneecap, shouting out as loud as she could to Daisy. Tim soon followed.
"Hey hey hey! You can't talk about my children like that in front of me!" May said.
"Yeah, she's right! I mean... you two ladies are beautiful and all... but that doesn't give you the right to pick on our kids!" Tim said. Daisy leaned in towards Peach's knee to get a closer look at the parents.

"Oh really? That's very thoughtful of you, sir. You and your wife deserve a reward, especially since my friend is already playing with your kids." Daisy said as she reached down and picked up the parents.
"Now now, Daisy. Be gentle with them. They're just people after all." Peach said.
"Don't worry, I'll take care of them." Daisy said. She then walked over to the dresser where the family had been hiding before. Daisy placed May and Tim on top of the dresser and then sat on the nearby chair, pondering what to do with them.
"Hmmm... I know! My feet got quite a workout today. I could use a good massage." Daisy said. She kicked herself back in the chair and placed her feet on the dresser, nearly crushing the two tiny parents in the process.
"What!? How dare you treat us like slaves!?" May shouted in anger.
"We'll do anything for you, my lovely lady." Tim said, obviously entranced by Daisy's beautiful feet. He got right to work rubbing the bottom part of her foot.
"Dammit, Tim..." May muttered as she started to join in, but Daisy ordered her to stop.
"Nah... you can do something else. Give my beautiful crown a good cleaning." Daisy said as she took the crown off from her head and placed it next to May.
"Are you crazy!? How do you expect me to clean this entire crown with my bare hands!?" May shouted.
"You seem like a powerful mother for your family. You'll think of something." Daisy said.

As Peach continued to let the children slide down her body, she finally took notice of what Daisy was doing with the parents.
"Daisy... what are you doing over there?" Peach asked. Daisy took one foot off the dresser and turned her body sideways to look at Peach.
"What else? Letting them have fun." Daisy said.
"Come on, Daisy... what you're doing isn't fun! It's slavery!" Peach said.
"So? They're parents, not children. They don't deserve to have fun!" Daisy said.
"Now you listen to me!" Peach shouted. She had to get up off her back to sit up and look at Daisy right in the eyes to show her displeasure. But there was one thing she wasn't counting on... the children were standing on Peach's shoulder when she suddenly jolted forward to sit up and speak with Daisy. And you know what happens when you're in a serious accident and don't have your seatbelt on, right?

The children went flying off Peach's shoulder and were falling straight down for the floor.
"NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" May screamed with all her lungs as she watched her children fall towards certain doom. But Daisy was able to notice the children from the corner of her eye. That's when she took her other foot off the dresser and jumped up from the chair she was sitting on. Daisy quickly broke into a sprint, and then just when it looked like the kids were gonna hit the floor... Daisy made a diving leap towards the floor and was able to catch the kids in her hand. Daisy landed on the ground with a loud thud, and then looked in her hand, breathing a sigh of relief that the kids looked to be unharmed.

Peach watched all this happen from her bed and she too was relieved to see Daisy make the diving save. It reminded her of the same kind of save she made in today's baseball game!
"Daisy... are you alright!?" Peach said. Daisy got up and rested on her two knees, looking down at the children.
"Heh... never felt better, Peach! How about you two, are you okay?" Daisy said, looking down at the kids.
"Thank you, giant lady!" Amy shouted.
"Man, that was soooooo cool! Can we do that again!?" Tom shouted. Daisy couldn't resist tickling the two kids in the stomachs a little with her fingernail.
"Such cute children. I wish I could keep you two." Daisy said as she held her hand up to give them back to Peach.
"(sigh) I'm so sorry, Daisy... I should've been more careful." Peach said as she gently cradled the kids against her stomach.
"Hey, listen, we princesses live and learn from our mistakes." Daisy said. Just then, the girls heard a knock coming from the nearby door.

"Pizza delivery for Princesses Peach and Daisy!" a female voice shouted from the other side. Peach, putting the kids on her shoulder and moving very much slower to make sure they don't fall off, started to walk for the door. But Daisy got there first as she opened it up. Standing there holding two boxes of pizza was Mona, the popular delivery girl of Mona Pizza.
"Ah, wonderful... you got here very quickly!" Daisy said as she took the pizza and placed it on the dresser. Peach approahced Mona and paid her a handful of coins to cover the cost of the pizza.
"Thank you for your speedy service, Mona." Peach said.
"Of course... anything for the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom." Mona said.
"Hi, giant pizza lady!" Amy shouted from on top of Peach's shoulder, waving at Mona. Mona hesitated at first, thinking she was hallucinating, but she eventually waved back at the tiny girl. Tom just looked at Amy wondering what it was that's making her come out of her shell like this. Peach noticed the two exchanging looks, so she covered the kids up with one of her hands.
"Uh... new toys for my mushroom retainers. Thank you!" Peach said as she closed the door. Mona turned around and just shook her head, pretending she never witnessed the whole ordeal.
"Maybe Wario's right... maybe I have been working too hard." Mona said before she walked away from Peach's room and proceeded to exit the castle.

Daisy was starting to open up the boxes of pizza when Peach had to stop her.
"Wait, Daisy! Shouldn't we get some refreshments or something to go with our pizza?" Peach said.
"Hmmm... you're right. And the pizza's probably too hot right now." Daisy said. As Peach nodded with her fellow princess, she placed the children down on the dresser, next to their parents.
"Now don't go away, everyone. We'll be back... and then we can share the pizza with you!" Peach said as she and Daisy left the room to get these drinks.

About a minute passed as the parents and the children talked with each other as they also tried to let everything that has happened to them try to sink in. But they had to stop their discussion when the only window in the room suddenly shattered! Kamek and Wendy Koopa came flying in and they looked around the room for something, trashing some of the items in the process.
"Are you sure it was wise to break in like this, Wendy? What if the princesses discover us!?" Kamek shouted.
"How many times do I have to tell you, old timer!? NEVER QUESTION MY DECISIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Wendy shouted from the top of her lungs.
"Right... sorry." Kamek softly said, slowly uncovering his ears again. Wendy looked all over the room, trashing things when she looked by the pizza boxes and put a sly look on her face. As she walked over to the tiny family, they could only wonder what the heck it was that was heading their way.
"Whoa... a giant monster! Cool!" Tom shouted before he was pulled back by his father, Tim.
"Stay back, son!" Tim shouted. Wendy put her face almost right up against the family.
"Well, well... I think I've found what I've been looking for." Wendy said.
"Is that so, Wendy?" Kamek said.
"A family of four that's only inches tall? Certainly fits the bell, doesn't it?" Wendy said. She then reached down and grabbed all of them in her hand.
"We're going to have so much fun now! Hahahaha!" Wendy said with an evil laugh.
"Um... you know, I'm starting to like those princesses a lot better." May said as she and the rest of the family could only hang on for the ride while being stuck in Wendy's fist.
"Now come on, Kamek! Let's GET OUT OF HERE!!!" Wendy shouted again. She and Kamek climbed out of the room from the window they came in.

Peach and Daisy came back into Peach's private room, holding two glasses of water each, when they saw the mess that was left behind.
"Holy Tatanga! What happened here!?" Daisy shouted.
"This room's a mess! Someone must've broken in here while we were away!" Peach said.
"But who could've possibly broken in here, and what did they take if anything?" Daisy said. As Peach ran over to rest her glasses of water on the dresser, she looked next to their boxes of pizza to see one glaring omission.
"The little family! They're gone!" Peach shouted. Daisy, dropping her water on the floor and letting it splash all over her feet, ran over to Peach's side and noticed the family was gone.
"What... no! This is terrible!" Daisy said. She then looked behind her and saw the broken window. She ran to it and looked outside before focusing on the path between Peach's Castle and the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom.
"Hey, Peach... I think I found our kidnappers!" Daisy said. Peach ran next to Daisy and looked to indeed see who it was that took the family. Wendy Koopa and Kamek.
"Wendy O. Koopa? What would the Koopas possibly want with our little family?" Peach said.
"We can ask them when we see them. I say we go after them before they get too far!" Daisy shouted.
"Huh!? Are you crazy? Shouldn't we tell the Mario Brothers about this?" Peach said.
"Oh, Peach... that's our family those nasty Koopas just took. It's time we princesses taught them a lesson they never forget!" Daisy said.
"But, but, but... Can't we at least change into our dresses?" Peach said.
"Not now, we gotta go after them now! Come on!" Daisy shouted. She grabbed Peach's hand and dragged her out of her own room and down the stairs, eventually to the hallway that would lead them outside the castle.
"Can't we even put our shoes on? I feel embarrassed going barefoot to Bowser's Castle!" Peach said.
"No, there's no time!" Daisy shouted. The two girls then ran by Toadette who just watched as they ran off.
"Uh... Princess Peach, where are you and Princess Daisy going?" Toadette asked. Peach looked back at Toadette as she kept on running with Daisy.
"No time to explain! Just put our pizzas in the oven to keep them warm! And clean up the mess in my room!" Peach shouted before she and Daisy went charging through the front doors. Toadette just ran for Peach's room to carry out her orders.

Peach and Daisy were running for a good couple of minutes down the path trying to keep up with Wendy Koopa, but she was already too far ahead of the princesses by the time they started to run out of breath. As soon as Wendy flew out of sight using some of Kamek's magic, Peach stopped and leaned against the Mushroom Inn to catch her breath while Daisy stopped and leaned on a rather large question block, the kind of box that the Mario Brothers use to gather items.
"(sigh) They're too far ahead... we can't possibly catch up with them before they get to Bowser's Castle." Peach said.
"Ugh... dang it! We should've been more responsible for those tiny people!" Daisy said, kicking the box in frustration. At that moment, a mushroom sprouted out from the box and it slowly grew bigger and bigger until it was almost as tall as the princesses were! Daisy took a few steps back in shock over seeing this giant mushroom suddenly appear.
"Uh... Peach. Look what I just made pop up..." Daisy said. Peach turned around and was just as surprised to see what it was that Daisy had found. But at least she knew what she was looking at.
"Oh... I know what this is! This is the new Mega Mushroom that some of the Mushroom Kingdom scientists just recently invented. It's far more powerful than a standard super mushroom because whoever touches it grows as big as someone from Giant Land!" Peach said.
"As big as someone from Giant Land, you say?" Daisy said as her eyes perked up, no doubt from hearing the part of growing really big.
"Yeah, but only for a limited time. From what they told me, the body shrinks back down to normal size after a minute." Peach said.
"Hey, at the size you say we would grow to, it wouldn't take us long to reach Bowser's Castle! Wow... I just gotta try this out!" Daisy shouted as she quickly put her hands on the Mega Mushroom.
"Hey, wait for me!" Peach shouted as she ran to the Mega Mushroom and touched it with her. Immediately afterward, both princesses' bodies were surrounded with power stars as they could feel the power rushing into their bodies.

And then they grew.

It only took a few seconds, but Peach and Daisy were now standing just short of 100 feet tall by the time the power of the Mega Mushroom had run full circle through their bodies. Thankfully for both of them, their outfits (again, from Mario Superstar Baseball) grew with them. Peach and Daisy looked down at their bare feet to see the plains a lot smaller than they used to be.
"Oh my... that Mega Mushroom really does the trick, doesn't it?" Peach said.
"It sure does... look how small everything is. Including your own castle! Oh, I'd just love to see what your town thinks of us two pretty and giant princesses!" Daisy said. She actually started to walk back for Toad Town and Peach's Castle, but Peach suddenly grabbed Daisy by the back of her shirt and pulled her back to her side.
"Ahem... weren't you the one saying that we shouldn't lose any time going after Wendy Koopa?" Peach said.
"Oh right... sorry, sometimes I get carried away when I see myself as really big." Daisy said.
"I know the feeling. Now come on, we better get to Bowser's Castle before the powers of the Mega Mushroom wear off." Peach said. As Daisy nodded in agreement, the two princesses started to head down the path to Bowser's Castle once more, obviously with no more need to run as much ground as they were covering.

Outside Bowser's Castle in Dark Land, Peach and Daisy had just made it to the front gates of the castle when they started to shrink down in size, no doubt because of the powers of the Mega Mushroom wearing off. The ladies were soon back to their normal sizes.
"Awwww... we're back to normal size." Daisy said.
"I guess you liked being that big, huh?" Peach said.
"You bet! We should find more of those Mega Mushrooms!" Daisy shouted.
"Later, my friend. Right now we gotta focus on getting the family back." Peach said.
"Right, so how are we going to do this?" Daisy said.
"Well... we'll just play it the Mario Brothers way!" Peach said with a smile.
"Now you're talking!" Daisy said as the two princesses crossed the lava bridge and made their way into Bowser's Castle.

Meanwhile, inside Bowser's Castle, Wendy was already in the throne room playing with the tiny family that she had captured from the princesses. Bowser was just sitting back in his throne, happy to see the female Koopa all excited and no longer angry over her loss. Wendy was laying down on her stomach and poking at the family with her sharp nails.
"Look at them, daddy... aren't they so cute and adorable, especially when they struggle?" Wendy said.
"Well, I guess so. They are your people, after all." Bowser said.
"You'll never get away with this, you, you..." Tim started to shout, but the look on Wendy's menacing face told him that he better shut up before she does something bad to him.
"That's a good man. Now how about those little kids..." Wendy said. She reached down to pick up the children, but May ran in front of them for protection.
"Not my children! Play with me or my husband if you want to, but you leave the kids out of this!!!" May shouted with all her might.
"Wow... you're certainly a brave little one. I think I'll play with you first." Wendy said. She then got up and picked up May, placing her on her opposite side.
"Alright, you... start running before I crush you like a little mushroom! Daddy... watch me play stomp the little human!" Wendy shouted.
"(sigh) I'm watching..." Bowser said. Indeed, Wendy started making stomps at May who just took off running in the opposite direction.
"Run, May!" Tim shouted. Wendy was deliberately missing on each attempt to stomp on May, no doubt to make her feel the power of fear and panic. Kamek and Bowser simply watched all this unfold in front of their eyes.
"Gosh, your majesty... I didn't think your daughter had this kind of behavior in her." Kamek said.
"Well, it could be worse... she could steal one of Iggy's wands and become a towering giant Koopa, and then we'd all be in trouble!" Bowser said.

Just then, one of Bowser's Hammer Brothers came running into the throne room.
"Your royal meanness! I have most terrible news to report!" he said.
"Hammer Brother! How many times do I have to tell you!? Knock before you come barging in here!" Bowser said.
"Oh... I'm sorry, but the princesses have broken into the castle and they're on their way here!" Hammer Brother said.
"What!? The princesses? Why them and not the Mario Brothers?" Bowser asked.
"Because that's our family you took from us!" Peach shouted. Indeed, she and Daisy were both standing on either sides of the door to Bowser's throne room.
"Cursed crocodiles! It is that pretty-in-pink princess!" Bowser shouted.
"And her majesty's best friend!" Daisy shouted.
"Impossible! How did you get past our many guards in this castle?" Kamek shouted.
"A little help from this wand I happened to steal from one of your Koopa Kids." Daisy said as she held up a wand with a light green-colored jewel at its end.
"Arrrrrrghhh!!! Somebody stop those princesses! And Kamek... get my warp zone wand!!!" Bowser said.
"Yes, sir!" Kamek said as he sped out of the room.

"Leave them to me, Daddy... I'll stop those pretty princesses!" Wendy said as she pulled out her wand that had a red jewel on its end. She fired it and out came one of her candy cane-colored hula hoops.
"Watch out, Daisy!" Peach shouted.
"Heh... no problem with this wand!" Daisy said. She shot it forward and out came one of Lemmy Koopa's bouncing balls. It hit the hoop and sent it flying back for Wendy! Wendy could not dodge it in time as she became trapped in her own hoop.
"HEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! NO FAIR!!!!" Wendy shouted as she cried out in frustration once more. Kamek then came running in holding a gold-colored wand.
"I got it! I got it!" Kamek shouted as he threw the wand across the room and into Bowser's hands!
"Yes! The Warp Zone Wand! This wand allows me to open a warp pipe into any place I wish! This is how I got those pathetic Earthlings into the Mushroom Kingdom! Now I can use it to zap you two out of my castle! Hahahaha!" Bowser said.
"Any ideas, Daisy? You're the stronger one!" Peach said.
"Hey, don't look at me. You've dealt with him more often!" Daisy said.

Just then, however, Bowser looked down by his feet to see the tiny family gathered up close to his toes.
"Hey, you big bully! You leave my friends alone!" Amy shouted.
"Yeah, you heard my kids! Those are our guardians you're dealing with!" Tim shouted.
"They are?" May asked. Tim just pretended he didn't hear that.
"Bleh... I don't take lip like that from insects!" Bowser said as he began to raise his foot over the tiny family.
"Daisy! Now... while he's distracted!" Peach shouted. Daisy at first didn't know what she meant by that... that is until she looked down at the wand she was still holding.
"Oh right! Hey, Bowser... have a ball!" Daisy shouted. She shot a rubber ball out from the wand and it went face first into Bowser's face! The hit knocked him unconscious as he fell backwards and dropped the wand in the process. Peach ran over to the wand and picked it up before looking down at the family.
"Are you all okay? That was very brave of you to confront Bowser like that." Peach said.
"Well, I guess it's all part of the attraction, right?" May said. The rest of the family nodded as Peach quickly got the idea. Daisy, picking up the family, joined up with Peach and looked at the wand with her.
"So what are we going to do with that wand? Bowser said it opens a gateway between our world and Earth." Daisy said.
"I know. That's why he must not be allowed to have this wand." Peach said. She then concentrated and fired a beam from the wand at a section of the floor. A pipe sprouted up from the spot.
"Here's our ticket back to the castle!" Peach said as she jumped inside, taking the wand with her. Daisy tightened her grip on the tiny family a little bit.
"Hang on, everyone!" Daisy said as she followed Peach inside. The pipe then disappeared.

A few moments later, Bowser woke up, only to realize that Peach and Daisy were gone, along with Wendy's little birthday gifts.
"Oh crud... first I always get beaten by those pesky Marios, and now I get beaten by a couple of helpless princesses!" Bowser said. Wendy finally was able to break out of her own candy trap and she stood up next to Bowser.
"It's all your fault! You just had to let those annoying princesses get my birthday gifts back!!!" Wendy said. Bowser showed a face of anger as he looked down at one of his Koopa Kids.
"Wendy..." Bowser said. Wendy saw the face and knew what was coming.
"Um... yes, Daddy?" Wendy said, softly.
"SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bowser shouted in a tone so loud that all of Dark Land could hear it... not that there was anyone else in Dark Land.

Peach and Daisy soon reappeared out on the tennis court. The warp pipe they came out of vanished just like the one in Bowser's Castle.
"I guess those pipes vanish the moment someone goes through or comes out." Daisy said.
"Well, that's good. We wouldn't want these pipes to be permanent. Who knows what else from Earth could visit us?" Peach said.
"Yeah... like Mario's old girlfriend from Brooklyn." Daisy said, referring to Pauline, of course. Peach just smiled as she looked down at the family in Daisy's hands.
"Are you all okay?" Peach asked.
"Yeah... nothing we couldn't handle, I guess." Tim said.
"That was so cool! Can we ride again, Mom? Huh? Huh? Can we!?!?" Tom shouted.
"Maybe another time, Tommy, my boy. Isn't there anyway you could send us back home, Mrs. Peach?" May asked.
"Awww... I wish you all could stay. You're all so cute!" Daisy said as she lightly petted Amy on the head. The young girl just laughed.
"Yes, I agree... but we really do need to get these people back home, where they belong." Peach said. After talking with Tim regarding where on Earth they lived, Peach activated the warp zone wand once more and created another warp pipe.
"This pipe will take you all back to your home, and you'll be your normal size once you get back." Peach said.
"Oh good... it's about time we got back to normalcy!" May said. Tim looked right up in Peach's eyes, trying to think of the right thing to say.

"Um... I'll miss you ladies." Tim said.
"Yeah, I guess we'll miss you too. You're quite the family, that's for sure." Daisy said. Then what she did next surprised everyone the most. Daisy lightly kissed Tim's entire body, leaving him covered with lipstick!
"Wow... this is one vacation I will never forget!" Tim said. May just pretended she didn't see that, but then a thought crossed her mind.
"Hey, wait a minute... where's our car!?" May shouted.
"Uh... car?" Peach asked.
"Yeah, we came here through this large tunnel so our car has got to be somewhere around this court!" May shouted. Peach was looking around her feet when she noticed a flattened piece of rubble right next to one of her toes. She picked up the rubble and showed it to the family.
"Well... I think we found your car." Peach said.
"WHAT!?!?!? What happened to our car!?" May shouted.
"Whoops... I guess I must've stepped on it coming out of that warp pipe. I do apologize..." Daisy said, bowing her head in apology to the family.
"Hey, don't worry... I never did like that car much anyway!" Tim said. Everyone except for May laughed upon hearing that. But there was no more time for discussions as Daisy walked over to the warp pipe. Peach ordered one of her Toads to dispose of the flattened car.

"Goodbye everyone! I hope we can meet again someday!" Daisy said as she finally dropped the family inside the pipe. A few seconds later, the pipe disappeared into the ground.
"Well, that's that." Daisy said.
"Yeah... I'm gonna miss them, especially the children. They were just so sweet." Peach said.
"I know. And hopefully Tim and May can better fix their marriage from this day forward." Daisy said. Peach just nodded.
"Come on... let's go have some pizza!" Peach said as she and Daisy started to walk back towards Peach's Castle. As they went inside, Daisy had a thought hit her mind that she just had to share with Peach.
"Hey, Peach... you think maybe someday we should take a vacation of our own on this planet Earth?" Daisy said.
"Well, perhaps... now that we have this wand that Bowser had used before." Peach said. The two princesses then decided to head up to Peach's room to see how good of a clean-up job Toadette did.